Our Bookkeeping Service

The bookkeeping and payroll service is designed with one purpose in mind – to enable you to spend more of your valuable time building your business or having more time with the family.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • are you faced with an ever increasing pile of paperwork just waiting to destroy your weekend plans?
  • are you continually paying out for the latest upgrade to your computer program that you still can’t get your head round properly?
  • are you completely baffled by the weird things your bookkeeping package does – when you just want to get finished?
  • do you continually work late into the night just trying not to slip too far behind with your bookkeeping?
  • do the continual changes in the payroll regulations leave you in despair wondering if you are doing it right?
  • are there areas in your bookkeeping that you just know are wrong but hope no-one notices?
  • do customers keep ringing telling you there are errors on the invoices and statements?
  • are you hiding the bankstatements because you can’t face what they are saying?
  • are your stress levels building because cash flow seems to be drying up?
  • have a question about what to do with a transaction but know if you ring your accountant you will be charged £50 for the call?
  • finding the quarterly VAT never seems to work out and you seem to be paying way too much?

Using a bookkeeping bureau will lift all these pressures off your shoulders.  You will know your books are 100% accurate and are your best defence if an in-depth Tax or VAT enquiry starts.  You will know your staff are being paid correctly no matter how many changes the government make in the year.  You have confidence that you are on top of your cash flow.  Your customers statements will be correct saving you from upsetting your best customers with silly mistakes.  You know you will be paying exactly the right amount to your suppliers, and not a penny more.  But most of all…… this all happens with no effort on your part.  No stress, no worries, no late nights, no more bad business decisions because your figures are all wrong…

Ray… Your payroll service takes away all the stress.  Especially at the end of the tax year when I know everything is done correctly and efficiently, leaving me to concentrate on running my business.  I highly recommend your service.Pauline Mugglestone, Coalville

Just imagine this right now… would a service like this be of interest to you??

You can achieve this with just 3 simple steps each month…

  • Step 1:  Bundle up all your paperwork for the last month into a secure pouch.
  • Step 2:  Call our office and arrange for the pouch to be collected.
  • Step 3:  Sit back and wait for your paperwork to be returned with all the management reports,VAT Return and payroll information within 7 days.

Would a service like that appeal to you?  Imagine how much more you can achieve for your business, or family, with the time released when you cut bookkeeping out of your life…

You will be able to forget all about learning complex bookkeeping software, forget all about the expensive annual upgrades to that software which has become the norm these days, forget all about filing deadlines for VAT and Payroll – you will never miss another.  No more trying to find a suitable bookkeeper and worrting if they are up to the job.  Keep your accountancy fees to a minimum when they are presented with a full set of balanced books each year.

Having us look after your books means the best possible defence when a Tax investigation comes around.  Your books will be complete, accurate and up to date.

You will have contact with your allocated bookkeeper at all times, who will be a qualified member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and, access to qualified accountants to help you with situations that may crop up during the year for no extra cost.

You will also get your bookkeeping done for free if we fail to meet the 7 day deadline – but don’t get too excited because it hasn’t happened yet – ever!

Has this idea whetted your appetite?

Even if it only gives you more time with your family – you can’t put a price on that!

Ring us now on 01530 223373 if you would like to find out more.

Remember – if  you call us today – tomorrow, your bookkeeping hassles will be nothing but a distant memory